Residents of Cheltenham play a massive role on and before race day. Throughout the year, the team here at Runjoy are busy trying to create a Half Marathon route that will give those running a fantastic experience of the town, whilst also causing the least disruption possible to all those living in and travelling across Cheltenham on the same day. 

We understand that not everyone wants to take part or be part of a Half Marathon event. The Half Marathon not only serves the wishes of a large proportion of people from the local area trying to achieve a very special goal, but also provides a great tourism boost for the town with the thousands of spectators visiting to cheer on their loved ones.

Our intention is to consider everyone's needs as carefully as we can during our planning phase. However, if you have any specific queries relating to the event please do CLICK HERE to contact us.

We also welcome all residents to come and join us on the day, whether you are a runner or not. Those taking part will appreciate nothing more than a little cheer from a resident from outside their house. Even better, hand out a few jelly babies and you'll remain in the hearts of participants forever. And if you really would like to get involved, why not become a volunteer for the day and be central to the action. We'll be very grateful for your help and support. CLICK HERE to see our volunteers information.